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Brand analysis


We provide solutions to give greater visibility and presence to your business in online and offline media.

We redesign your online media, providing new marketing strategies, measurement and resource optimization.

We help you to promote new strategies for customer loyalty and customer acquisition through new technologies such as the development of apps and digital platforms for sales and information.

We analyze the value of your sales and after-sales policies and how they influence the market. We help companies to lead their teams towards the objectives they have set.

Brand reputation

In a fully digitized world it becomes essential to know what is being talked about and said about your company on the Internet. At Vanyan we not only analyze this factor, but we also study data and credential leaks to which an entity has been exposed and which may affect not only in terms of reputation, but also in terms of cybersecurity. Any of these factors can have an impact on your balance sheet.


Custom web and mobile application development. We design your online sales strategy to achieve the desired return.


Good management of sales and after-sales teams is essential for building customer loyalty and attracting new customers. We review your mechanisms to achieve your objectives.

Data breaches

In an interconnected world, your brand can be In an interconnected world, your brand can be affected by data leaks from Internet services. We analyze vulnerabilities and leaks in online media.edia.